Waikato Cyber Attack. Speaker to be confirmed

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The nation’s spy agency has been scrambled in the aftermath of a crippling cyber-attack and ransom demand that has brought Waikato District Health Board services to their knees” – NZ Herald on 18th of May 2021.
“Cyber attack on Waikato DHB’s IT system won’t be fixed until the weekend”. –NZ Herald on 19th of May 2021.
You probably read the headlines or listened to the news about Waikato DHB’s cyberattack and you probably knew more about this incident than some staff who actually worked here. But let me tell you this, it wasn’t fixed even after that weekend!  Attend my presentation and I will be sharing with you an inside story of how it was in the perioperative complex during the cyberattack. It wasn’t easy but it was quite a journey.  It would be great to learn a thing or two on how to prevent a cyberattack. After all, cybercrime might become the biggest threat to every person, place, and thing in the world (Devon, 2020).