Transitioning into the kiwi nursing workforce: Lived experiences of a Filipino Nurse. Jerald Ugdoracion

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A study commissioned by the Nursing Council of New Zealand done by BERL (Business Economic and Research Limited) on 2013 looked into the future of the nursing workforce in New Zealand and its supply projections on the year 2010- 2035. This report illustrates the predicted nursing shortage on the year 2035 as the general population factors continue to change.

In order to bridge this gap, the New Zealand health system has relied on migrant labour from internationally qualified nurses.  According to the 2018-2019 Nursing Workforce report by the Nursing Council, approximately 3 out of 10 (27% of 52,711) of New Zealand’s overall practising nurses are Internationally qualified nurses. The biggest proportion of these nurses comes from the Philippines accounting to 28%. This compels the New Zealand health care system to be more proactive in their attempts to understand this population of nurses and the rest of the IQN population as a whole. Considering the worldwide shortage of nurses, the NZ health care has the moral and ethical responsibility to not only attract IQN to NZ, but to as well help in their successful integration to their new health system.

Transitioning into a new health care system is not an easy task. This discussion will encompass the different struggles and conflicts internationally qualified nurses undergo in their transition which includes social factors, communication styles, marginalisation and discrimination, assertiveness and cultural displacement. The aim of the talk is to give better understanding behind the cultural differences between Philippines and New Zealand allowing Filipino nurses to be better understood and supported in their journey towards becoming New Zealand nurses.

Jerald finished his Bachelors of Science in Nursing – Cebu Normal University Philippines (2008); Masters in Nursing Major in Medical Surgical Nursing – Cebu Normal University (2008).  He worked in the operating theatre 2008 to 2013 – Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center Philippines.  Jerald then worked as a Nursing Educator and Tutor – Cebu Normal University (2008 to 2013).  He completed his Competency Assessment Programme – Otago Polytechnic 2013; Karadean Court Life Care (Aged Care) Registered nurse 2013-2014.  He worked at Southern Cross Hospital Christchurch as a registered nurse in the operating theatre 2014 – 2017.  Present Southern Cross Hospital – Clinical Nurse Specialist General Surgery and Vascular Surgery Operating theatre.