Living Life Unlimited – A story of survival & determination. Korrin Barrett

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Korrin’s presentation gives an in-depth look into her life post surviving sepsis and the amputation of all four limbs. There will be a small focus on ‘what went wrong’ and what the signs were that lead Korrin to be the deteriorating patient with a 5% chance of survival.

Korrin will also give an overview of just how important the technology of ECMO combined with exceptional care from the medical staff along with her high level of fitness and health all contributed to her survival.

Korrin ‘living life unlimited’. After surviving sepsis in 2012 resulting in amputations to her hands and feet,  Korrin became a quadruple amputee and her life changed forever but she hasn’t let this stop her.

Korrin is extremely dedicated to working with the medical industry to ensure they have all the resources needed so what happened to her doesn’t happen again.  She has a passion for raising Sepsis awareness and for participating in research and development both nationally and worldwide.

By sharing her story and experiences she promises to ensure you feel inspired and empowered to overcome anything.