The status and rights of the Islamic rules in Perioperative care to the Muslim patient. Ibrahim Abdelhalim

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: Perioperative nursing, and what does the perioperative nurse do, the three phases of perioperative nursing, and the importance of understanding what the Muslim patient needs to give them high quality of perioperative care.

Basic understanding of Islam faith as a religion of 1.8 billion followers around the world and New Zealand as well it will include – Islam meaning, Muslim people, the pillars of Islam and Iman (Faith), Islam and family, and how Islam see the disease and the sickness.
Also include perioperative care and seeking surgical treatment in Islam; the specific requirements of Islamic Perioperative care to the Muslim patient and dealing with the most frequently asked questions.

Imam was born in Cairo and received his bachelor degree with (Hons) in Agriculture Science and postgraduate Diploma in Islamic studies _ University of Al-Azhar.  He emigrated to New Zealand in 1995 and now has New Zealand citizenship.  He works as a community worker helping, leading and training a wide range of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Awarded United Nations interfaith Unit Award 2019
Muslim Chaplin – University of Canterbury
Senior Muslim Advisory Leader
New Zealand Ambassador for Peace
Chairman of Canterbury African Council
United Nations Association of Canterbury Committee
Lecturer – School of Health science – University of Canterbury


  • Attending the international conference for Ambassador of peace leadership in Korea (2008)
  • Organizing the national interfaith forum in Christchurch (2009)
  • He has delivered Islamic thought and speeches in a number of universities, churches, and clubs.
  • He has guest lectured at UC’s school of health sciences/ teaching the nurses how they can deal with the Muslim patients in any clinic and in hospital under the states of ding and death.
  • As Imam for many Mosques in New Zealand, he delivered more than 1300 Friday’s speeches beside Islamic events.