Canterbury’s Supportive Perioperative Learning Environment. Sarah Gibbon and Lorna Davies

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The perioperative environment is one clinical area which involves interprofessional teamwork. A clinical area where team members respect the contribution of each discipline and where Enrolled Nurses can fully participate as members of a collaborative team.
The recent Nursing Advisory Report: Nursing Safe Staffing Review (2022), recommends that over the next 12 months Enrolled Nurses (ENs) need to be factored in to staffing plans and that they can “play a valuable role in reducing pressure on Registered Nurses” (p.74). However, positions in perioperative departments for Enrolled Nurses remain few. This may be due to the lack of exposure ENs have as students, or perhaps the lack of exposure the departments have to ENs!
Over the past 7 years, Ara -Institute of Canterbury and the Canterbury District Health Board, have worked to address these issues, resulting in new graduate ENs working in both public and private Operating Departments. This presentation will discuss the collaboration between the two entities, and their success in creating a supportive perioperative nursing learning continuum: from the students’ Dedicated Education Unit model to the new graduates’ Enrolled Nurse Support into Practice Program.
Reference – Nursing Advisory Group (February 2022) Nursing Safe Staff Review Nursing Safe Staffing Review and Report on the Review of the Care Capacity Demand Management (CCDM) Programme | Ministry of Health NZ







Sarah Gibbon, BA. BN. RN. PGDip.HSc (Nursing),
Nurse Coordinator – Enrolled Nurse Support Into Practice Programme (ENSIPP),
Canterbury District Health Board

Lorna A Davies Gibbon, MA, BA(Hons), RN, PGDip Periop. DTLT,
Programme Leader NZ Diploma In Enrolled Nursing,
Ara Institute of Nursing